Jean Dible
Introducing Jean Dible
Jean Dible is the founder and principal of GA Food Safety Professionals and is the author of this online food safety training course. Jean wrote this course with a lot of professional knowledge and experience, significant research, and the help of many professionals in the business aviation industry and food regulatory agencies. Jean was also a Jean Dibleworking food safety audit inspector for two restaurant chains in Atlanta, GA (US) and a large resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica, which gave her knowledge and experience in dealing with all aspects of food safety.

Jean’s professional food career began over 35 years ago shortly after earning a BS degree in foods, nutrition, and education from the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, WA (US). She began her course of study while serving in the military and finished her studies after being discharged. Jean's first academic teaching position was as an off-campus Cooperative Extension instructor in foods and nutrition for Washington State University, and Jean eventually continued her career path with The University of Arizona (US). After many years in education, Jean left academic education and took over the training program for the Armour Meat company's processed meat line for the Southeastern United States.

After working in business for several years, Ms. Dible founded her own company in 2000 and set up food safety training classes for both chefs and food service owners throughout the state of Georgia (US). Jean taught food safety principles in English, and with the help of translators, taught food safety to Spanish, Korean, Chinese, and Vietnamese food handlers for approximately eight years.

Ms. Dible discovered business aviation a few years after founding her company in 2000, and her career path then turned skyward instead of laterally in her food safety educational endeavors.  Many business aviation flight professionals, throughout the US, have been trained by Jean in food safety since 2007. After extensive travel, Jean decided it would be more cost effective for business aviation students to study aviation food safety in a self-paced online course. All classes and courses become more expensive when students have additional travel and hotel expenses rather than taking an online course at their home base.

Jean is a certified instructor and proctor for two national food safety and testing organizations in the US and has been since 2000; National Restaurant Association Foundation and The National Registry of Food Safety Professionals. To maintain Jean’s credentials to teach, she must keep up with the latest food safety information in the US, as well as passing recurring national instructor and proctor food safety exams. Jean is a member of the National Restaurant Association, the National Registry of Food Safety Professionals, and NBAA.

Food safety training is ongoing with continuous updates in research and data worldwide. General aviation food handlers are too often in a food safety SOS mode during a mission. Understanding food safety principles and updating one's knowledge, periodically, should change the SOS mode from being reactive to proactive in the prevention of foodborne illness aboard an aircraft.