Food Safety Demo Aviation
Unit 1
Foodborne illnesses
People at risk
Financial Impact of illness
Food Safety principles
Risk factors for unsafe food
Unit 2  
Foodborne Pathogens
Big-5 pathogens
Biological toxins
Unit 3
Unit 4
Food Allergens
Big 8 allergens
Miscellaneous allergen foods
Unit 5
Alcohol & Responsibility
Blood alcohol content
Rate of consumption
Dram shop laws (US)
Unit 6
Personal Hygiene
Bacteria and viruses
Hand washing
Hair and nail hygiene
Glove use
Hand sanitizers
Illness - restriction or exclusion 
Risk levels of illness
Unit 7
Catering Kitchen
Food supplier
Receiving food
Factors for rejecting food
Storage of food
Labeling & shelf life
Thawing food
Prepping food
Cooking food
Safe cooking temperatures
Quick chilling food
Reheating food
Time-temperature abuse
Cross-contamination of food
Wrapping foods
Holding hot & cold food
Food thermometers
Unit 8
Aviation &  Catering
How to find caterers
Vetting Caterers
Documentation needed
Food security
Risk assessment – catered food Purchasing food
Packaging materials
Catering forms
Conversion chart
Catering containers
Aviation meals – Risk categories
Ice packets & thermal blankets
Flow of Food – catering kitchen
Flow of Food;
Hangar, FBO and aircraft
Unit 9 
Food Handler in Control
Receiving food
Dry ice safety practices
Packing coolers (wet & dry ice)
Planning one’s meals in aircraft
Holding hot and cold food 
Methods of Thawing food
Cooking or reheating food
Understanding galley equipment
Safety in using galley appliances
Guidelines for STC equipment
NRTE & RTE foods
Take-out delivered meals
Ice safety in aircraft
Serving food aboard an aircraft
Self-serve foods
Left-over food
Unit 10
Cleaning and Sanitizing
Choosing the proper sanitizer
MSDS chemical sheets
Wiping cloths
Waste management
Removing odors from coolers
Cleaning & sanitizing program
Pest control in aircraft
Foodborne illness insects
Integrated pest management 
Unit 11
 SOP's - Food safety 
Personal hygiene
Health monitoring
Supplier approval
Food security
Hazardous meal ingredients Transport & food loading
Flight delay – handling food
Food safety training
Cleaning and sanitizing
Pest control
HACCP (SMS) 7 principles
Menu planning
Ordering food
Receiving food
Security & defense of food
Cold and frozen food storage
Wet and dry ice
Water safety in aircraft
Thawing food in aircraft
Food preparation in aircraft
Cooking and reheating food
Holding hot and cold food
Serving and reserving food
Left-over food
Unit 12
Food Safety Assessment 
Hangars and FBO’s
Paper documentation audits
Physical audit inspections
Audit inspection form