General Aviation Food Safety & Catering online Training

TRAINING Course Objectives

  • To prevent a foodborne illness or an outbreak aboard an aircraft
  • To reduce the financial risk and liability for a flight department and individual crew member food handlers
  • To add to an individual’s professionalism, making a person more employable in the business aviation industry
  • To understand HACCP, a scientific approach for keeping food safe, which is not unlike the SMS in general aviation for keeping the entire flight department safe
  • To help crew members have a useful blueprint for establishing sound SOPs and SMS food safety guidelines for their flight departments
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WHO NEEDS Food Safety Training?

This online food safety course is written for all general aviation professional food handlers who order, transport, hold, prepare, or serve passengers aboard any aircraft. It is also for food companies supplying catering to flight departments.

  • Flight Departments
  • Pilots
  • Flight Technicians
  • Schedulers
  • FBO Service Employees
  • Preferred caterer


Pilot Information

The pilots’ virtual training course has 10-units but is far less comprehensive than the flight attendants’ curriculum. This quality course is a “need to know” learning situation in each of the modules. At the end of each unit, there is a short quiz that pilots must take before moving on to the next subject matter. There is also a 40-question final exam before receiving the “Certificate of Training.”…

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Flight Attendant Information

The flight attendants’ course has 12-units, and some of the units have multiple lessons. At the end of each unit, there is a short quiz for personal assessment. There is also a final exam before receiving the “Certificate of Training.” Students may go in and out of the course 24/7 as time permits, and individuals have 90-days to complete their course work. The curriculum covers all aspects of business aviation food safety…

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