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You will learn how to handle food safely from beginning to end. When completed, students will be confident they have kept everyone safe. Upon completion students have access to quick reference files which are constantly updated

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Challenging Courses

There are many offerings available to acquire a certificate of some sort. We focus on specific needs of Business Aviation Professionals. Our courses are designed for learning Aviation Food Safety and it’s implementation.


Course material has been thoroughly researched and is constantly updated. Techniques and best practices are always coming to light and we endeavor to be at the cutting edge in our curriculums.


  • To prevent a foodborne illness or an outbreak aboard an aircraft
  • To reduce the financial risk and liability for a flight department and individual crew member food handlers
  • To add to an individual’s professionalism, making a person more employable in the business aviation industry
  • To understand HACCP, a scientific approach for keeping food safe, which is not unlike the SMS in general aviation for keeping the entire flight department safe
  • To help crew members have a useful blueprint for establishing sound SOPs and SMS food safety guidelines for their flight departments


This online food safety course is written for all general aviation professional food handlers who order, transport, hold, prepare, or serve passengers aboard any aircraft. It is also for food companies supplying catering to flight departments.

  • Flight Departments
  • Pilots
  • Flight Technicians
  • Schedulers
  • FBO Service Employees
  • Preferred caterer

We offer two comprehensive courses

These are not “quicky” courses. They are thoroughly researched and constructed so students leave with an understanding of all aspects of Aviation Food Safety. When completed, you will receive a Certificate of Completion to verify you have learned how food and beverages are handled safely.

Demand Experienced Professional Training

Corporate and Business Aviation food safety is our entire focus.

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Jean Dible — Founder
General Aviation Food Safety Professionals

What Our Students Have to Say

Thank you to these people for your valuable feedback and help in making this training the best available.

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